The MyAngel® NeuroSigns patch, combined with NeuroSoft & SomaSoft softwares, focuses primarily on polysomnography and analysis of neurological disorders and sleep disorders.

By combining it with certain medical devices, such as the RespiCare® Health, we are able to measure the patient's neurological and physiological activity. This enables to prevent certain motor and respiratory disorders such as epilepsy.


Optional add-on medical devices

Medical target & Results

Stability and retro-control of alpha and beta waves.
Improvement of the cerebrovascular function.

Equilibrium of the sympatho-vagal balance.
Stimulation of the central nervous system.

Cardiac coherence.
Reduction of the heart rate and blood pressure.

Prevention of the neurological consequences of the Sleep Apnea Syndrome.

Reduction of brain pathologies related to OSA: grey matter and thermoregulation.

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