Our trainings

Our trainings are conducted by our experts in the following fields: sales, technical, ergonomic and marketing.

They can be ensured on the site of your choice, that is to say in our Montpellier or Grigny premises with adapted areas: workshops, showroom...

Our trainings are standard or personalized, adapted to your request and to your availability.

The technical trainings are given to the technicians of Medical hospitals, as well as the technicians of our Distributors.
They are not merely limited to mechanical or electronic problems, but also deal with the standards, the CE mark, as well as all the obligations and the responsibilities of each technician in the operational processes.
The level 2 technical trainings authorize the technicians to intervene to repair and ensure the maintenance of equipment based on the normative and regulatory obligations, to carry out the annual preventive maintenance and the security checks.
The commercial trainings are given by our commercial Delegates for the sake of the performance, the security and the ease of use of our equipment.

Our Delegates answer all your questions, optimize the use of the equipment when put into service, provide all the support you need.
Listening to your needs is their objective, they are your advisors to answer your questions or to refer you to our experts' services.
The marketing trainings are ensured by our experts for our product ranges in the following fields,
- Hygiene and disinfection,
- Protocols for our equipment, products to be used, gestures and action times,
- Prevention and provision of care,
- Evolution of the standards and the decrees with regard to Health,
- New technologies in the fields of mobility, transfer and respiratory.
The training files are left to all participants and a certificate is issued at the end of the training.

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