Extensive maintenance work for perfect
functioning of the equipment.


Make an appointment for repair service
as soon as possible.


We provide a maintenance visit to check
the condition of your devices.

Periodic control

Periodic control according to standard 10535 and recommendations to determine the state of the devices and their accessories.

This control consists in performing a visual examination (especially of the structure that supports the load of the person and lifting mechanisms, as well as fastening, braking, control, security devices and slings), and any operating or maintenance operation test which may be required, for example brake adjustment or tightening fasteners.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance includes periodic control. The objective is to achieve extensive maintenance work for perfect functioning of the equipment.

During the maintenance, all subsets are disassembled, cleaned and lubricated if necessary, including the masts and bases of the hoists and all moving parts and wearing parts. All these operations are also designed to maximize the lifetime of the equipment.

Trained and licensed technicians

These services must be performed by trained and licensed technicians suitably qualified and familiar with the model, use and maintenance of the hoist.

SCALEO Medical proposes a training seminar for biomedical or technical maintenance staff of hospital centers, as well as for the technicians of the Distributors knowing the basics of electricity and mechanics.

The theoretical and practical training aims to develop the technical and regulatory knowledge to ensure periodic inspections, preventive maintenance and repairs. It allows to study the operating principle of the devices, identify key safety points, acquire fault detection methods and master the method of maintenance.

The training also presents the stakeholders' obligations and responsibilities in the process: the manufacturer, distributor and user.

Topics that will be given particular consideration: EC marking obligations, limits of the guarantee, the User Manual and compliance with instructions for proper use, preventive maintenance by authorized technicians.

The main normative and regulatory requirements are reviewed and discussed.

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