Why choosing Inogen®

The Most reliable of the market!

Inogen® has the most sensitive sensor of the market (-0.12 cmH²O) that activates the trigger even in patients with weak breathe. Its outlet pressure is the most powerful (40 PSI), assuring the oxygen will reach the lungs within the first half second of inspiration. It assures an oxygen concentration of 90% (-3+6%) at all settings!

It adapts to each patient

The intelligent software of Inogen® continuously calculates the breathing pattern of the patient and adapt each bolus to it, assuring the right prescription is supplied per minute.

Save time, money and your oxygen all the time!

Unlike other brands, Inogen® does not requires a periodically maintenance. The patented technology of Inogen enables to replace the sieve beds in only a few minutes, even at the patients place if so is desire. Its intelligent software advices if something is wrong not only with codes, but with a clear message.

Warranty & Service

Inogen® is offered with 3 years warranty (1 for the batteries and sieve beds). Our After sales service is engaged to provide you an immediate response and final resolution in less than 10 days!

9 Hours of freedom!

Inogen® provide up to 9 hours of battery life with its double battery and up to 4.5 hours with the standard battery.


Welcome to the Ultra-portability!

Inogen offers a wide range of ultra portable devices considering its weight, size, quiet operation system and battery life. The G3 weights only 2.3kg and the G4 only 1.3 kg!

Safety first!

The Inogen® ONE is the only portable oxygen concentrator to propose a safety feature in case the patient breathes by the mouth. The safety mode is automatic activated if no inhalation is perceived in 60 seconds.

Efficiency clinically proven

Unlike other devices operating in pulse mode, the Inogen® ONE can easily prove their equivalence with continuous flow equipment.

Approved onboard of Airlines

FAA approved, Inogen® ONE is authorized to be carried on board of the main airlines.


Inogen® is made to be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, assuring you oxygen anytime, anywhere.

Intuitive panel control is easy to use

Inogen® is offered ready to be used, so no complicated installation is required. The control panel is intuitive and simplified interface of 2 buttons to change the positions: "+" and "-“.

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