MyAngel ® VitalSigns

Available soon

MyAngel VitalSigns® is a wearable medical device in the form of a skin patch for the monitoring of patients, and the early detection of cardio-respiratory pathologies.

Autonomous, wireless, waterproof and easy to use, MyAngel VitalSigns® securely transmits the following vital signs information :

• ECG - 3 leads
• Cardiac frequency
• Respiratory rate
• Arterial pressure
• SpO2
• Temperature
• Activity
• Posture

MyAngel Vitalsigns® has 6 patented systems and allows in particular preventive detections 2 months before myocardial infarction, ventricular rhythm disorders and supraventricular.

The patient is thus accompanied 24 hours a day in a personalized care path, whatever his pathology, as much in a medical environment as in his daily home.

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