OneConnect – the application for the Poweo® lifters maintenance

Our medical devices are now connected thanks to OneConnect. A single application that allows remote assistance and troubleshooting for the distributor, the service technician and the patient.

What can you do with OneConnect?

See the system status and view real-time information for nearby devices and quickly identify systems that need troubleshooting, cleaning, maintenance or status notifications, such as low battery.

How does it work when it' s near the device?

Wirelessly access nearby device data via Bluetooth to discover usage history, position feedback status and diagnose system issues on the fly with simple troubleshooting tools.

How does it work remotely?

Remotely access the device data via the cloud to discover usage history, feedback status and troubleshoot systems from anywhere in the world to optimize the technical support process.

App features

Key data from OneConnect

  • Actuator detection to diagnose actuator or cable failure

  • Actuator usage data, including overload counter and usage indicator

  • Remote control activity to validate that the remote control being used is correct and working

  • Status of the control box (online or blocked) to verify whether as possible problem comes from the electrical system

  • Detection and operating status of nearby devices

  • Wireless access to maintenance data from the control box

  • Remote access to maintenance data via a secure cloud

  • Help page customization

  • Integration of product logos and visuals

Advantages for the manufacturer and its distributor:

  • Access to the box's internal data
  • Remote diagnosis and maintenance
  • Sending of defective parts only
  • Guarantee of the good use of the box by the customer
  • Device cycle counter with remote reset
  • Wear out level estimation of the electrical system, especially in the context of annual maintenance

Patient Benefits:

  • Maintenance can be done quickly and remotely
  • The product is less immobilized
  • No product return expedition to organize

OneConnect application images

app screenshot
app screenshot
app screenshot
app screenshot

Lifters compatible with OneConnect :

Download the OneConnect application

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