The MyAngel® VitalSigns & AgeSoft pack is designed to control the patient's cardiorespiratory parameters, as well as the monitoring of drops and dehydration measured from SPO2.

Atrial fibrillations are events which are caused by dehydration. It is also possible, from infrared measurement, to change the measurement spectrum and thus determine the rate of certain proteins.


Optional add-on medical devices

Medical target & Results

Retro-control of oxygen dose and adequacy
of the prescribed volume.

Reduced adverse effects of O2 intake.

Stabilisation of the sympatho-vagal balance.
Stimulation of the parasympathetic central nervous system.

Stability and retro-control of alpha and beta waves to accompany the patient in an adequate respiratory rhythm.

Prevention and reduction of cardio-respiratory risks related to Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome.

Decreased heart rate and blood pressure.
Cardiac coherence.

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